Monday, 16 January 2017

2017 Goals

It's that time of year (well, sort of) when we reflect on the year passed and look forward and set goals for the coming year.

So what can I say about 2016?

It was pretty rubbish.

Well, at least as far as gaming is concerned. On a professional level my company is doing well and it is clear that I can make a pretty decent living after all. In truth I always thought this would be the case, but it's just been confirmed in the last few months.

And it is that trade off of work versus hobby time that has killed 2016 for gaming. Work will always be prioritised, but hopefully this year I can actually do something on the game related front.

So what are my goals this year?

Solo Investigation Gaming
This was my Solo Gaming Appreciation Month pledge for last November. In the end I got nowhere with it, but I still want to see it through. I've got the setting decided, and just need to line up each game. Blogging about it too will add a layer of complexity, but we'll see how that goes.

Kids' Adventure Gaming
As a gaming Dad I've often run games for my two daughters. As time's go on I've honed the gaming into something we all enjoy and quite simple. As there's nothing else out there quite like I run, I thought I'd try and put something together and possibly release it as Pay What You Want. I'd use the money generated to improve it over time, especially adding artwork. The trouble started when I wrote down everything I wanted to include, which was larger than I imagined it would be, this sort of stole the wind from the sails, and with no time or energy it's still becalmed.

Skirmish Gaming
I've always been a wargamer and a role-player. As a role-player I'm pretty satisfied with what I've got, but as a wargamer there's always something shiny to catch my eye. Add in my kids also like skirmish games and the wealth of solo systems and it's something I'd like to do. Put 15mm minis into the mix and it becomes super cheap too.

The Veil
This is the working title for a role-playing game setting I've got milling around my mind currently (it will have to change due to a recent cyberpunk game called this). It's a swashbuckling game with supernatural elements, in either Fudge or FU (or possibly both, I can't decide). I've got a basic plan, and it's rules light so it isn't too heavy to write (potentially), but then even a rules-light game takes a long while to slog through.

Adventure Starters
I'm not 100% set on the details of these (or the name). What I initially wanted to do was create genre appropriate random tables that enabled someone to pick one up and get going with a minimum of fuss (both regular GMs and solo-ists). In essence I wanted to include the people, places and other bits that make somewhere great for gaming. I'm starting to wonder if I can't modify it to become simple RPGs in their own right, which have everything needed for an evening (or many) of fun.

A novel
The big one. I've got an idea (amongst many) that seems pretty commercial and somewhat unique (at present). This would probably be the biggest slog of the lot, and I'm not sure I'll ever get around to writing it. Still if I leave it on the list I haven't given up on it completely.

The next challenge is to prioritise my goals so I can concentrate on one (or two) and actually attempt to complete them.

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