Friday, 3 November 2017

First game setup

As this is SGAM, I thought I would detail the process I use to get going, often one of the problems I have is simply getting to this stage.

I begin by drawing a table 7 x 7 (actually I put it in a spreadsheet).

I label the first column 1 to 6, leaving the top cell blank for the other column headings.

Next I label the second column headings onwards, Name, Location, Organisation, Item, Threat, Event

If you've followed along you will see I will generate six of the above each numbered 1 to 6. These correspond to a d6, and can (and will) be generated in play.

To generate these first, I use Everyone, Everywhere to generate 6 names, randomly male or female. I then assign them jobs using Two Hour Wargames New Hope City game line (5150 and NHC PI).

Next, I generate the locations using Kellri's City Blocks.

Organisations I generate using the charts in Stars Without Number.

Items I come up with myself (if anyone knows a good broad sci-fi/cyberpunk item generator let me know!).

Threats, again I usually come up with these myself. These tend to be dangerous people or groups.

Finally Events come from Kellri's City Blocks again, just using the last page.

I will call each of these entries Clues for ease of reference.

Now I start by randomly generating 3 Clues, these form the nucleus of the mystery 1 to 6 for category then 1 to 6 for each item in that category. I write these in the middle of a sheet of paper, and connect them with lines. It will look like a pyramid.

I then have a think about the connections of these Clues, and write each in pencil on the corresponding line. Until I am assured of that connection it could change.

Now I have that mystery I introduce my character(s) and the mystery in the first scene. Each scene I gain another Clue and connection to the mystery no matter what. I connect it as it makes sense, the category also being chosen or random. If I select an already connected Clue then I can link it, or ignore it and select the following one down, rolling around to the top if necessary.

Eventually you get a weight of interconnecting Clues, and it just makes sense. Play out the denouement, or solidifying the connections as time/whim demands.

This may sound automatic, and to an extent it is, but my character's interactions determine sometimes the nature of the Clue, and also how certain I am of its connection. Once a connection is certain I write it in pen, so it can't be rubbed out.

Sorry if the above sounds a bit Mickey Mouse, or is unclear (it could be either!). I will show my workings when I get into my mystery proper.

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  1. For cyberpunk/sci-fi, I recommend Augmented Realities. It has some item tables, and plenty more besides. Pay-what-you-want on drivethru:

    Post-apocalyptic games often have good random item lists (Mutant Future comes to mind), though they tend to skew heavily towards either 20th century or super-science items.