Thursday, 18 January 2018

2018 Goals

Once again I am a little late with a 'New Year' post, caused again by the UK tax system and the end of January deadline which too many people think of as a target.

So, let's start by looking back at 2017.

Again, a very disappointing year gaming-wise. Really nothing of note happening and ideas still percolate around my brain. The desire to get over this is there, but it seems the resolve has not been.

Rather than rake over my failures (which you can ultimately read in my 2017 post!) I'm going to reveal the possibilities for 2018.

Fringe Spacer

I really like the Five Parsecs from Home background. It's sketched just right for me, so I fancy doing something with it. This could be running it with the rules as written (like that's ever going to happen!), using Solo Traveller/Cepheus Engine or maybe 5150 Fringe Space.

I could continue with an old Dexter Krupnik false start. Originally this was going to be a run through of the solo investigations but I'd like it to be something else, more of an action-investigation hybrid. Alternatively, I could start a completely new campaign with somewhat random characters in a classic traveller-style campaign.

Star Wars

Well, enough said really. Probably a Clone Wars-era or Rebel-era game. This is the one I'm most likely to swap out and play with my kids.

Solo Investigations

This keeps hanging around. I never seem to be in the right frame of mind to actually start playing, although I do want to.

I have a few options here, including Judge Dredd-based as a means of blowing away the cobwebs. Whether I will ever get through all the investigation system options I identified is debatable as I've not got through one yet!


I've been on a swashbuckling kick, and I've a campaign all ready to run which I originally posted on one of my other blogs. I just need the energy/inclination.

Skirmish gaming

I still want to push little men around the floor (or table). Either a modern or future setting with rules of my own devising, which I've tested and enjoy.


This is a couple of options, dungeon delving using the boardgame Advanced Heroquest, or random hexcrawling.

Advanced Heroquest is a gem, an old Games Workshop game with a system that I describe as Warhammer Fantasy Role-Playing light. All the same stats, just using a d12 and opposed stats for combat instead. It really is quite good.

The hexcrawling really would be a blank map and random tables. I'd need to source the perfect random tables for me though.


I've settled on Fudge and Freeform Universal (FU) as my systems of choice. FU is so rules light it can be run in a cinch (if I'm enthused), and Fudge is my system choice of development, with some of the Fate mechanics creeping in - although clearly not Aspects.

I still can't shake the feeling of wanting to use other systems, Barbarians of Lemuria and the other games based on this being one, the Danger Patrol beta in my own bastardised form, and Mini Six as the crunch heavy alternative. Well it is crunch heavy in this other company!


I'd also love to get in some more games with my kids. This is probably beyond the remit of this blog, but again something I want to do.


I still want to produce something, although that will be developed on my Fudge blog.


So, what's different this year?

I've decided to set aside a dedicated time slot for gaming. Which means I should be able to get some of this done this year.

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